Karen Martin our Manager of Service Support, Kristina Dodds our Education and Carer Support Program Coordinator along with Sue Donaldson an MND Advisor, recently represented MND NSW at the 30th International Symposium on ALS/MND in Perth last December.

With over 850 people from all over the world (talking things like the latest in MND research, therapeutic strategies, clinical trials, emerging biomarkers, palliative care, genetics verses environment debates and improving care practice), this annual 3 day event is the world’s premier meet up on ALS/MND.

Your smart phone is ringing, you’ve been waiting for an important call but you can’t seem to find your handset. You start searching for it—in your handbag, around the house, did you leave it in the wardrobe?—only to have the caller hang up before you even swipe the screen, let alone have a chance to say ‘hello’. It’s a scenario we can all relate to. And for those whose movement has become affected by MND the challenge of answering the phone can become an immensely frustrating experience. Especially when waiting for medical updates and information or when you miss calls from loved ones. That’s why we recommend extending the ring time on your smartphone, so you have a lot more time to answer.

A colour run was organised by Tracy Anderson from Totally Tumbling and Tricks to raise funds for MND research. It was a fun, and messy, day out for eveyone who participated! Our thanks to Bronwyn Wood who attended on behalf of MND NSW. A big thank you to Tracy for all her work towards this event which raised $3,298 for MND research.

Thank you to Zara White who organised a High Tea event overlooking the stunning Moruya River in November. Zara is part of a craft group, and the event was held in memory of their dear friend Karen. The High Tea was a great success with over 50 guests attending and a fantastic $2,292 raised for MND NSW. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this event!

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