Project Revoice have announced plans to develop a new voice banking service, advising it will take just two to three hours of recordings for the creation of the digital voice clone. Project Revoice was funded through the Ice Bucket Challenge and is a collaboration between Lyrebird in Canada, Finch and Rumble Studios in Sydney and the ALS Association in the USA. Voice banking uses a digital recording of a person's voice which is provided to a commercial provider who then artificially creates a voice file, that is not the person's actual voice, but a similar, synthesised voice that has a much wider vocabulary than originally recorded. If, later in motor neurone disease progression,

Thank you to Wendy Whitmore and the Central Coast Support Group for their donation of $970 from funds raised through a recent Rotary Club raffle.

Are you caring for someone with MND in NSW? Talk-Link is a six-week telephone program for adult carers, facilitated by professional counsellors. Register your interest ASAP in the program to commence 10-11am Thursday 10 May 2018 as places are limited. More info here

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