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I spend a lot of time pondering what information you’d like me to share when we’re putting together our newsletters. This edition I have decided to keep the information both short and practical because there are so many things to focus on at the moment.

Following on from the success of our Live Stream Ask the Experts panel, I’m providing a link to some excellent resources provided by MND UK in relation to diet and MND. This information reinforces Professor Vicki Flood’s presentation on the benefits of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil for people living with MND.

You can find a link to a short video on dietary issues here and the MND UK Eating and Drinking Guide here which is in an easy to download format, so you can keep it handy.

During Ask the Experts, we also heard about current research trends and projects. We’re often asked about what clinical trials are happening and how to access them. MND Australia who, through the MND Research Institute of Australia fund many of the current projects, have an excellent summary on their website of what’s available and how to find out more. This can be accessed here.

Another topic that may be of interest is the relationship between MND and Dementia. In 2017 Dr Rebekah Ahmed, Associate Professor at the Brain and Mind Centre and specialist Neurologists at the Royal Prince Alfred Hsopital, presented on this topic for us during that years Ask the Experts event. You can listen to Rebekah’s presentation here.

While we’re on the topic of dementia, there is a new dementia carers organisation working to demystify and de-medicalise dementia. Dementia Reframed is really starting to challenge how we think about Dementia and related behaviours. They run a weekly drop in chat group and you can find out more about them and their work here.

Lastly, online disability organisation, IDEAS, have a great overview of the role of a speech therapist on their site which can be accessed here. Put together to help celebrate Speech Pathology week, the information gives a good overview of the role of the speech therapist and most importantly how to locate one in your area.

Before I close off, I need to let you know that we’ve added a few more very skilled staff to our NDIS Coordination of Supports team, this includes two who are located in our Newcastle office and another into the Sydney metropolitan area. If you’re looking for assistance with implementing your NDIS plan, then please contact us on 02 8877 0999 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Until next time, stay safe.


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