Walk to d'Feet MND Sydney 2018

Whist watching the hundreds of walkers at the start of the Sydney Walk to d’Feet MND, I was reminded of a line from a beautiful poem shared with us from MND UK.   “Because of you, there is HOPE, a harbour of love, courage determination, defiance, generosity.......walking shoes purpose and drive.”

I think this is the epitome of the amazing spirit and atmosphere that we have seen at all our Walks throughout 2018, and the Sydney Walk was no exception. So many wonderful teams of families and friends there to show people living with Motor Neurone that they are not alone. Over $76,000 has been raised to date for this Walk, a fantastic result and one that will help us to continue to provide the vital support services needed by our members and their families.

It’s very true “Together we can move mountains, alone we can’t move at all”.

Enjoy some of the great pics from the day and we look forward to seeing you all at a Walk in 2019.

Just remember “Keep Walking we are not there yet”.

Kym Nielsen, Fundraising Manager

team Jean 240 

Team Nahrain2 240

Leanne McMonigal 240 

2 children from team Nahrain 240

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