The Allied Professionals Forum enables the sharing of ALS/MND care and support innovations to help guide practice worldwide. Over 250 delegates attended 15th Annual Allied Professionals Forum, Boston, in December 2017 to hear 16 presentations covering a wide variety of topics  on resource development, carer and family support, cannabis use, respiratory care and innovative approaches to assistive technology provision. You can watch

 the presentations free online at YouTube by following the following links:

View the full playlist of the 15th Annual Allied Professionals Forum, Boston, December 2017 or select an individual presentation

1. Meeting the Changing Needs and Increasing Numbers of Those Living with ALS/MND, Patricia Stanco 

2. Improving Patient Care: The Development, Delivery and Initial Evaluation of the Introduction of an Orthotist into a Well Established Specialist ALS/MND Clinic in Order to Prolong Function, Nathalie Lucas 

3. Developing a Suite of Resources to Support Implementation of the NICE Guideline on ALS/MND in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Rachel Boothman 

4. Developing an Eating and Drinking Guide to Improve Quality of Life for People with ALS/MND, their Carers and Families, Kaye Stevens 

5. Families and ALS/MND: Development of a Resource Guide for Talking with and Supporting Children and Youths, Melinda S. Kavanaugh 

6. Six Months Sequential Sessions: A Novel Approach to Improve Participation in Family Peer Support, Merete Vaegter  

7. Genetic Counselling in ALS/MND Multidisciplinary Care: Insights and Challenges, Ashley Crook 

8. ALS/MND Web Based Educational Resources: Collaborative Effort, Krista Strait-Higgins 

9. The “Model of Doing” for People with ALS/MND, Helen Carey 

10. Advancing Respiratory Care in the ALS/MND Clinic, Denise Martins 

11. The Impact of the Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioral ALS Screen (ECAS) Master Classes: Training Health Professionals to Identify Cognitive and Behavioral Change in ALS/MND, Faith Hodgins  

12. Cannabis and its Usage in Symptom Management of ALS/MND, Leslie Ryan  

13. Power Wheelchair Advanced Features and their Impact on Function, Amber Ward 

14. A Revolutionary Approach to Assistive Technology for “Locked In” Patients, Or Retzkin  

15. Making Your Home a Smart Home, Sara Feldman

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