Peru Trek Day 8

After our first night back in civilisation, it was a bit confusing to wake up in a bed, rather than a tent, and to use an ordinary toilet again! Another early start, up at 5am, ready to face and accept the challenge for the day by 6am. Before we could start our walking back at Machu Picchu, we first had to take the bus trip, this time in reverse of what we did yesterday afternoon.


From Aguas Calientes, the town at Machu Picchu, our bus ride took about 25 minutes to deli...ver us to the top... 25 minutes incorporating a 400m climb and 14 zig zag turns, each one more than a 180 degree pivot! The bus trip alone was enough to get your heart racing! We spent a few hours exploring the Machu Picchu Inca Site, learning about the history and way of life of The Incas back in the 1400 and 1500s. The stories and things we learnt were just as fascinating and captivating as the remaining ruins and how they were ever built in the first place! With 10am approaching, our excitement (and nerves) were rising, as we prepared ourselves for our final challenge; ascending Huayna Picchu! Approximately a four kilometre round trip, ascending and then descending 300m, with some of the steepest climbing any of us had ever done! In some parts, the track was so steep we had to use cables to help haul ourselves up, some parts we were feet AND hands, not to mention the dark cave tunnel that had us bending and crouching! A really hard slog for our final physical challenge together, but fantastic comradery and inspiration being shared by the group, complimented by amazing 360 degree views from the top, and the feeling that... WE DID IT!

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